Over these past few months we all have been watching the world turn and in some ways I'm not impressed. From different attacks, politics, illness and more, it seems like the world is going down hill. Yes, what has been happening in the world around us has been a lot, but what has been more disappointing to me is how humanity has been having a very immature reaction. I'm not trying to be a "Negative Nancy," but everything going on within the world has got me thinking about my own life and how I have been reacting poorly.


Is this it, all life has to offer? Can the best STILL be yet to come? These questions have plagued me for the past few months. I find my thoughts are restless with wondering what God is planning for the future. How will he connect A to Z? 


In my life, 25 years young, I know the Lord and can recognize how He moves in my life. It is a gift to be striving in holiness each moment with the eyes of faith even when things are crazy. I remember how unexpected it was when my boyfriend, Tyler, and I started dating and thinking this is an odd turn of events. The moment I knew we were going to make it  (get married) was actually in the midst of an argument. Tyler has an amazing way of understanding what I'm saying and getting to the root of what my heart needs. Soon after that argument we went ring shopping and my excitement was mounting. Then we found out about being pregnant shortly after, (feel free to read about my story here) and now little Bridget is here, happy as a clam! She has rocked our world in the best of ways. A lot of things had to be delayed in our world at the same time, which makes me sad. Marriage is on its way this fall, just not the way I anticipated. 


The reason I write this is because have you ever reflected on the blessings in life and wonder how God is going to top that moving forward?  We all have struggles and joys which make up our lives. What happens when you realize God's plan for your life is radically different than your own? How do you find joy there? God's plan for our life is the best plan. I don't doubt that, but I'm working on how best to embrace his plan as better than what I thought was best. Working on keeping hope alive, letting my desires go to only see Him. 


The road to Sainthood is thus: seek God's will, do God's will, as He wills it, because He wills it. Easy right? 


Obviously I have fallen short of that in the past and I dare say will fall again in the future. But the point I learned is to keep going, keep getting up just like Christ and carry my cross. Everything I thought I needed to do as a part of God's will for my life is gone. He has been stripping all the frivolous things away from my heart, and then asking even more, till some days I feel like I'm down to the bare bones of what I can give to another. The weight of the cross is heavy and this is a good thing. 


Yep, you read that right. Here is the where the rubber meets the road to sainthood. The embrace of the cross is central to moving forward. Embracing the cross is the meaning of the joy in what God has planned for every desire of our hearts. It's frustrating when our selfish desires want to blind us from embracing the suffering, and keep us from seeing the silver lining, the joy of each moment. Trusting that God is truly fulfilling the desires of our hearts, even now, as we can't see the finer details of the future. 


Lately, I've really been inspired by the struggles of the world to try and see my own struggles with new eyes and a new hope. It's odd, but as I've been observing those of the world struggle to make sense of what is happening around them. I have felt my heart changing to adjust to the new weight of my cross. I honestly want to be an example of how to live with joy with an everlasting hope. Even if others cannot put a name to my hope, I pray they can find a place of peace by the presence of Christ through the joy rooted in my heart.


 I look forward to the journey of this life to sainthood (even if it is hard). I can say with confidence God is going to continue to break me down, simplify my life, and build it back up. I can handle it, I will be stronger for it, and my heart will expand in the ability to love others. You can handle anything God is asking of you. Because God loves you and only wants to draw you deeper into His love, let the weight of the Cross settle remembering the joy of the Resurrection. We are an Easter people and Hallelujah is our song.