St. John Chrysostom lived in the 4th and 5th century. He was the bishop of Constantinople, a contemporary of St. Augustine of Hippo, and much loved by his people for his recognition of holiness in ordinary (read: family) life. At a time when many theologians were convinced that the only path to holiness was celibate life, St. John Chrysostom taught and preached the holiness of married life. In the grand tradition of the 4th century, I give you 6 Valentines inspired by St. John Chrysostom’s writings collected in On Marriage and Family Life.



Because love is about building YOURSELF up in virtue, as well as your spouse.

















That is, always, every day, and sacrificially, making his wife a better person and loving her despite her faults. Credit for this one goes to a former student.




Your spouse takes priority over your parents. Credit for this one goes to a former student, MC.